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Dear Fellow & Future Entrepreneurs!

I don't know how you made it here. You may have found me through a search engine, read one of my articles, or stumbled upon one of my many forum posts. However you happened to land at this site, let me make a few assumptions as to why you are here…

You're a stone cold “business newbie” who is looking for products to sell on Ebay, from your own website, new retail store, or maybe even at the weekend flea market. While the prospect of starting your own business is exciting, you're having a hard time finding wholesale and surplus supply sources in the product category of your choice.

You're interested in becoming a wholesaler, or surplus dealer, and don't have any idea where you can find direct sources that will help you start your own “business to business” distributorship.

You are new to Ebay auction selling, and would like to know where the heck those “Power Sellers” get their auction merchandise. After months of searching, you are still perplexed as to how they are able to find such great deals.

You've signed up with a drop-shipper, hoping to find a “no inventory” solution for your Ebay auction ambitions. You find that constant backorders, shipping and Ebay listing fees, make the drop shipping model unprofitable for the auction arena.

You might have searched through a number of “free” online wholesale directories. After careful review, you find that most of the listed wholesaler's price their products way too high for you to make a decent profit from.

You are a college graduate that was lucky enough to be employed in the field of your choice. After a few years, you find that your profession limits your income, bores you to tears, and restricts your personal life. You would like to be in control of your own financial destiny, and the thought of starting your own product marketing business appeals to you.

You have purchased just about every “secret” list, guide, or compact disk that claims to have a “million” wholesale and surplus supply sources. You find, without exception, that these so-called exclusive sources are nothing more than dead website links, outdated company listings, middlemen, and retail websites presented as wholesale supply.

You are a working mother who would like to spend more time with your children rather than putting them in day care. You want to start a home based business, and would like to find your own “product niche.”

You became involved with a home based business opportunity like Specialty Merchandise Corporation. They claim that with only a modest investment, you can make thousands per month selling their extensive line of products. You come to find out several things about the SMC opportunity…

You might be an online, or offline retailer who already has a number of suppliers that stock your store. However, you wouldn't mind having additional wholesale suppliers that cater specifically to the retail community.

Whatever your status or station in life, if you are looking for a particular resale product, or a product you can call your own, then “The Ultimate Guide To Products For Resale” is your definitive one-stop, wholesale, surplus, and closeout information source!

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Even If You Have Been Extremely Disappointed With Wholesale And Surplus Supplier Information In The Past, Let Me Give A Few Good Reasons Why “The Ultimate Guide To Products For Resale” Is What You Need For Your Business Future!

Most purveyors of wholesale and surplus information possess little knowledge regarding the principles and practices of the industry. They will offer nothing more than hype and exaggeration, claiming to have a list of “secret sources” that will let you purchase any popular retail item for “pennies on the wholesale dollar.”

Exclusivity equals limited availability! The truth is that some high-end retail products are so exclusive, that their distribution will be limited. For instance, you will never find authentic Louis Vuitton handbags available in the surplus market.

The LV Handbag that you see in the current issue of your favorite fashion magazine, or in the hands of the latest Hollywood celebrity will only be available to the chosen few.

Most LV Handbags will be marketed through their own “boutique” network, or are sold to well connected purchasing agents who's job it is to “first call” their celebrity clients and customers. Exclusive lines of LV handbags can reach prices in excess of 10,000 dollars.

The Louis Vuitton organization, or their related sales associates, will never let a bag that expensive get into the secondary market. LV handbags that carry such a steep price tag will require that you spend thousands, and, in some cases, millions of dollars just to secure the distribution rights for their exclusive product line.

Anyone who would claim to have a list of surplus suppliers for authentic, high dollar, Louis Vuitton merchandise is probably offering you retail purchasing outlets of lower priced handbags, or distributors who deal in Louis Vuitton replicas and knockoffs.

However, while you might not be able to purchase an LV Handbag at surplus prices, there are designer handbags that you can buy at the wholesale level…

From just one source contained within the “Wholesale Clothing” section of “The Ultimate Guide To Products For Resale,” you will be able to purchase Gianni Versace, Gucci, Fendi, Burberry, Chloe, D&G, Dior, Far Nine, Ferragamo, Iceberg, Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, handbags and wallets at true wholesale prices!

I developed this fabulous resource, not only cater to the wholesale and surplus wants of my customers, but to also advise business beginners, as well as established Entrepreneurs, that they must have realistic expectations when it comes to purchasing resale product.

Also, if you are an “information junkie” who is constantly in the hunt for that “hidden vault of suppliers” then access to “The Ultimate Guide To Products For Resale” is not for you!

My guide is based on legitimate, business to business wholesale, surplus, and closeout distributors, not on the false premise that you will be receiving a secret cache of hidden supply sources that does not exist!

The real “secret” is that there is no wholesale, list, guide, or database on the market today that will provide you with instant monetary gratification. You will not be able to quite your job tomorrow and make 100,000 dollars within a month!!

People who have achieved any type of business success, as well as those who have reached the “Holy Grail” status of Ebay Powerseller, did so by personal motivation, researching their target market, and by using the types of supply sources listed in the Ultimate Guide.

We will give you the tools for success—how motivated you are to use them is up to you!

While there are no “secrets sources” of supply, there are, however, industry specific sources that are not well known to the general public…

Even though all of the featured companies in the Ultimate Guide have a web presence, you would be hard pressed to find some of the listed wholesale and surplus suppliers by performing a simple Google search.

Legitimate wholesale distributors that have been in business for a number of years really don't need the Internet as their sole source of advertising.

Their websites are not optimized so that they can be easily found by using general search terms like “wholesale” and “surplus.”

Most wholesale distributors develop their sites to make it easier for their existing customers to place an order. Knowing how to find these elusive “wholesale” gems is what makes the “The Ultimate Guide To Products For Resale” such a tremendous resource.

… Here Is How I Found The Wholesale And Surplus Supply Sources Listed In “The Ultimate Guide To Products For Resale!”

Finding reputable wholesale suppliers takes time and depending on what research tool you use, can be extremely expensive. Purchasing specialized business lists from top companies such as Dunn & Bradstreet, Moody's Manual, or can be less than affordable.

One of the product categories I first started researching was consumer electronics. I called one of the top business list providers in the country, and expressed my interest in a list of wholesalers that supplied DVD & MP3 Players, Car Audio, and Home Theatre products.

I told the sales representative that I would only need about two hundred wholesale consumer electronics distributors that were located within the Southeast portion of the United States.

After a brief telephone conversation with the company sales representative, I politely thanked him for his time and hung up the phone. When I found out what the final price tag was--my jaw hit the ground!

…A List Of Two Hundred Consumer Electronics Wholesalers Would Cost Me A 1000.00!

Talk about “sticker shock!” There had to be a way to find wholesale and surplus supply sources that didn't carry an expensive price tag. I decided to try some of the free resources that the library provided, such as the Thomas Register and

The sources that I found within the Thomas Register were comprised mostly of electronic “component” manufacturers that produce circuit boards, computer chips, switches, and all the things that were inside most consumer electronics.

I guess if I was going to build a DVD Player, TV, or a Digital Camera, having access to that information would come in handy! While the Thomas Register lists a wide variety of industrial product manufacturers, it provided little in the way of wholesale suppliers of finished consumer products. is a computer based information website that is available only through library, educational, and government institutions. It has over twelve million business listings, and is widely recognized as one of the best research tools around.

I was lucky enough to find that my local library had a subscription, and that I could use their wifi for free…

I thought that this database would be a gold mine of resale product sources. Even though is a fantastic business research tool, trying to find true wholesale distributors in different product categories can be an exercise in futility.

Mixed in with wholesale electronics search results were retail outlets that sold merchandise directly to the consumer. It would have taken many hours, and possibly even months to separate the thousands of retail company listings from legitimate business to business wholesalers.

However, I soon made a discovery that would revolutionize the way I could find legitimate, targeted, wholesale and surplus supply sources.

Just about every retail product in the United States has a trade publication or association that supports its manufacture and distribution.

Within most of these organizations are the wholesale and surplus distributors that support each industry. Rarely, are these sources properly investigated…

"The Ultimate Guide To Products For Resale" focuses in like a LAZER on trade specific organizations such as the Video Software Dealers Association, The Consumer Electronics Association, and The National Association Of Recording Merchandisers which makes our information the very best in wholesale, surplus, closeout, and liquidation suppliers.

…All Of The Work Has Been Done For You! You Won't Pay $1,000.00 Or Even $60.00 For This Excellent Resource!

From the comfort of your home, you will have push button access to over 600 wholesale and surplus supply sources!

With this amazing “click & go” format you can view most product offers without ever having to spend time on the phone "cold calling" each supplier! Most purchasing transactions can be performed directly from the company's website!

No need to travel to trade shows, spend a fortune on trade magazines, join an expensive wholesale club, or spend months searching the 'net. I've compiled all this wonderful information and made it available to registered members of for free. All you have to do is Sign up to get started